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Originally Posted by Robert H View Post
Prices on equipment are always a bone of contention with some people and is the reason retailers hate the internet and super chain stores. The big box mover internet sellers sell equipment for less than what local stores BUY IT FOR. It is a fact of life. You can not blame the store. Nobody is gouging. Local stores do what they have to do to stay in business, but a store like Preuss, (and I have seen ALL the pictures from Sarah...and it is incredible) has a diverse amount of products and many would be competetively priced to anyone. If they are high on that particular light fixture i am sure they are low on other things. I wish there was a store like that here. even something half as good!
That's an interesting theory.

To follow up (for Tritan), I believe Rick Preuss, or someone else of authority, called him personally to clear things up (now THAT'S service!). They ended up reducing the price of that particular light....which to me basically admits overcharging!

I'm not trying to get in the middle of this AT ALL.....and like I said before I love the store and hope to support them soon! I just think Tritan probably had a point as far as overpriced equipment goes.
I just don't understand how they got that big of a store with prices like that.
I think that's pretty obvious


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