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Iv come a long way in my aquarium hobby in this short year and a half.. I started the hobby with a betta from petco and knew practically nothing about fish, let along planted tanks. I have spent hours and hours looking through the web and magazines to study the nature aquarium and how it works, from how to make the plants thrive to aquascaping. though im not perfect at it, I think im pretty darn good. Everything about scaping a new tank is fun and exciting. From picking out the hardscape from the lfs to bringing it into the tank to try and find the right look. The same piece of rock and wood can be placed in an infinite amount of ways to get a whole new look. Also the size of the tanks have a huge part to do with aquascaping, the pictures I chose to upload are of my 2.5 gallon and my 20extra long. ( it is the same dimension as the ada 150f)one thing that I almost always do while aquascaping is to use a lot of slopes to create more surface area for the plants to grow on. anyways,here is my tip for as you can see these tanks are very different and that is a challenge of its own, you need to learn to work with the tank to create something that is good looking. All these things are why I love this hobby. I am 15 and a half and im not rich by any means…. So finding money for all these cool setups are often a challenge. However with patients, I somehow always manage to find good deals on equipment, such as lights and co2 and substrate and filters. Anyways, this is my entry. Hope you like it! 

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