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Re: Just got my fugeray

Originally Posted by JoeandCarrie View Post
IME, renters/home owners insurance only covers electronics if they are plugged into surge protectors. I wouldn't risk a $150+ light on "just" a gfci. A surge protector, even the cheap ones, will protect your investment much better.

just my two cents, but 25$ on a surge protector seems smart. I screw mine to back of the stand on all my tanks. You get a drip loop also, so that's a win.

Thanks Joe for the reply. I do have a surge protector under the stand which I have the filter and heater plugged into. Will have to see if there is a way to get the power supply box on the light mounted on the side of the cabinet, the distance between the bottom of the cabinet and the surge protector is great enough that the box doesn't sit on the bottom but hangs. Don't want to create any unneeded tension on the wires and would like to stay away from using extension cords if possible.

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