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Fedex got here today before the storm. I talked to the guy at my LFS yesterday when I bought sweet flag (Acorus gramineus 'Ogon') from him, and he told me to go ahead and plant when the plants were delivered. He pointed out that I had ordered mostly hardy plants, and his had overwintered in place.

Since it wasn't raining when they got here, I'm taking the chance (we will have lows of about 38-40 degrees F tonight and tomorrow night).

Plants in the bog:
Lousiana black gamecock iris
Arrow arum
Blue rush (juncus glaucus)
Corkscrew rush (juncus effusus spiralis)
Creeping jenny (lysimachia nummularia)
Sweet flag
Impatiens (annual in my planting zone, and may get kicked by the weather)

I'll probably add another corkscrew rush, because I am just loving the form of that plant.

Plants in the pond:
Anacharis, submerged
Cabomba, submerged
Hornwort, submerged
Duckeed, floating
Salvinia minima, floating

The photos were before the storm. Most of the duckweed was forced down and into the submerged plants, and I don't know how frost hardy it is, so I'm leaving it there for now. I expect to have to add to the floating plants after this spot of weather. I'll probably add some azolla, which I can get locally.

The bog flooded. I went out during some slack in the rain, and removed the matala from the outspout going from the bog into the pond, and that cured that.

So now, I wait out the weather...
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