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Wetwedding project 31

Here, it gets murky. Not sure how much detail all y'all want, whether DK's mumbling her way into TMI. But here goes, for today.

At first glance, this is a boring picture with nothing in it. But, it represents a global design thought centered around safety.

RO-DKstyle is a mixture of water, electricity, and high pressure. All three of these are to be vastly respected individually, and the COMBINATION of them is to be nearly feared, by an intelligent person.

Therefore, RO-DKstyle was designed with ONE SINGLE power source that distributes to the whole apparatus via the relays. That ONE SINGLE power source is plugged into a dedicated circuit that is GFCI protected.

What this means is that anywhere downstream from our master plug, if there is current leakage outside of the system, the GFCI will (hopefully) pop, rending ALL electricity to the system cut off.

The white plug is the plug to the master power supply, the 24 VAC transformer.

The grey plug is the POWER to the outlet bank that is triggered by the relay inside the bank when it receives a 24 VAC signal from the master power supply. When that relay receives the 24 VAC signal, it closes a circuit that THEN draws 120 VAC power from its grey plug. So while the grey plug is plugged into the "master GFCI outlet," it is ONLY sending that power out to the outlet bank WHEN the 24 VAC power supply is active (which is when the pressure switch calls for power). So if anything interrupts the pressure switch or 24 VAC current circuit, that grey plug is not drawing power, even though it is plugged into that outlet.

So, in summary, ONE POINT OF CONTROL, for electricity, in this system. This is designed this way for easier safety measures, through our GFCI protected circuit.

Also, if DK wants to work on the system and needs to make sure EVERYTHING in the system is de-energized, she has only to pull the white plug from its outlet.


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