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Originally Posted by shift View Post
Which board are you using? Anything for code really. It's just nice to have something to build off of

So far I have 2 UNO boards. A screen. Temp sensor and a RTC and a relay board.

My first few projects I want to build is a sunrise/sunset controller for leds and a temperature monitor/auto shut off for the heaters.
I am using a Mega2560 R2.

The problem with your setup is that (for example) my code will not work with your setup (you need to write up some code to pass data back and forth from one Uno to the other.

What screen do you have? The 3.2" Touchscreen uses 20 pins (just checked the specification sheet) for display alone, and another 5 pins for touch input. The SD slot takes up another 4 pins.

This is already more than the number of pins a single Uno has.

However, if you just want to do a temperature monitor/auto shut off, it can be implemented (i.e. if you do not use a touch screen and instead use a normal 20x04 LCD screen (or even a 16x02, etc).

You may want to investigate what type of relay you will want to use (for the shut off of your heater).

Finally, to answer your question regarding sample code, if you are using a digital DS18B20 temperature sensor, the Dallas libraries have some excellent examples that you can just copy/paste into a new sketch. From there, it only takes a few more lines of coding to display the temperature to an LCD screen, much like what I had before.


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