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Hey now.. this is the LOW TECH forum

My aquarium has overflows and a trickle filter, so I can't do co2.. I already have the 4l jug of excel

The thing is, I hadn't used co2 for 5 years in the 60gallon, and everything was doing great.. I had to pull out a trashbag full of plants and throw them away every week! AND I was NOT using excel in the 60 gallon. Really, everything is the same in this new tank (watts per gallon, substrate, same plants) except the gravel doesn't have many many years of poop built up in it. Oh and actually, the new aquarium has better substrate.. its got an inch of soil under the flourite gravel.
So, being low tech, I dont want to start a regular fertilization schedule, BUT, I WILL do so now to get things growing. Im just wonder what to add, since I think ive got plenty of nitrates and phosphates in the water.. Something, however, is missing.
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