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Thanks for the info guys......this is all good stuff.

I'll swing by AA a little later and check to see if they have any Puffers in stock. Unless things have changed, I believe that they get new stock in on wednesdays so it might be a good time to swing on by.

I've read that sexing them is super difficult when they are juvies. I have an extra empty 10g just collecting dust in my worse case scenario, I get a 3-5, see how they interact, and separate if there is aggression. (Wait a min....setting up a new tank??? Is that worse case scenario, or is that BEST case scenario! )

@dprais1 - What size tank do you have your Puffers in? Having 20+ puffers in a tank would be awesome. I've never kept them before, but from what I have heard they are super personable fish and a lot of fun to watch. And just curious...where did you get yours from? Did you order them or find somewhere local?

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