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seems to be confusing as juvies, which is all I have ever seen offered for sale. couple things to look for though.

males usually have a wrinkled pattern behind their eyes. they look like fine blue lines and do resemble wrinkles. they also develop a stripe along their belly although this really comes into play as they mature.

they are also less "round" and more torpedo shaped as they mature.

females-more round and no wrinkles

from all i've read and experienced the best and probably only practical thing to do is get a group and as they mature select the ones you want to keep and sell the rest.

with my tank I have at least 4 mature males. they fight, they swim away, they hide, no real issues because they have a mess of plants and a big enough area nothing gets too serious.

In a small tank I could see real problems occurring. the fighting among the males is not gentle play--they can be pretty viscous.

just my OPINION based on EXPERIENCE. not FACT

when i rescape my tank I will increase their number to at least 20 if not 25. we will see....

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