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Originally Posted by dprais1 View Post
It is easy to miss the dp tank, you really have to ask. last time they were by the corydoras

full answer is 5 gallons for the first puffer and 3 gallons for each additional, but I really question this. This is for aggression purposes only, as far as I can tell.

After watching mine, and watching the males fight here is what I think. My opinion not fact.

you could keep 10 females in a 10 gallon with no problems ever
2 females and one male would be better than 1f and 1 m, less harassing of each female
if there is a female in the tank and there are more than 1 male then the weaker male will probably suffer. especially in a smaller tank

females ignore each other for the most part
immature puffers like to hang out together
mature males fight violently.
they don't have a territory that I can tell, it is all about having enough stuff in the tank for the weaker one to get away.
males will follow females all over the tank trying to put the moves on her.
well fed puffers seem less nippy towards one another.
I appreciate the insight on your personal experiences with dwarf puffers as im looking to set up a tank for them in the near future

how does one go about sexing these guys?

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