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Talking Contest Submission

My 36 Gallon is my second tank and largest. It started out from scratch and bought a T5HO 2 x 39W light and a 2213 Eheim canister filter. I stocked it over time first with Giant Danios and Amano Shrimp. I have added Moustached Danio's, Jumbo Bronze Cory Cats, Gourami's, Bamboo Shrimp, Zebra Snails, Bristlenose Plecos and more Amano Shrimp. It is kept very clean with the Amano Shrimp, Cory Cats and Plecos. My favorite feature is the Jumbo Bronze Cory Cats they are clumsy. My best tip would be diligent maintenance with the right products and get the right inhabitants to keep your tank really clean.

Thank you for the contest

So a guy walks into a Pet Store

Guy: "I have Algae on my drift wood!"

Pet Clerk: "Take two Plecos and call me next week."

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