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ADA 120cm tank w/ DIY stand update Jan 07

120cm ADA tank
eheim 2217 filter
Tek light 6x54w
Lilly pipes
17 mm V-7 inflow
13 mm P-4 outflow (no one has the P-6 in stock)
DIY stand
1 bag Power sand special M 6L
3.5 bags Aquasoil Amazonia 9L
Mulm w/ some aquasoil from my old tank

Just started this tank up on Sunday. I had a lot of help, thanks to Bill, Eric, Marc, Andrew, and Boun. The Rocks in the hardscape was picked up at a local stone yard at 10 cents a pound.

Plants used
Crypt nurii
Crypt cordata "rosanergiv"
Crypt parva
Blyxa japonica
Anubias barteri "Marbled"
Anubias nana "gold"
Anubias nana "petite"
Polygonum "Sao Paolo" (gonna be taken out, used as filler)
Nymphaea micrantra
Hygrophila sp "Araguaia"

Here are some pictures of the progression

Building the stand

Stand Finished

Stand opened

Bill puting together the light hangers. He made them out of electrical conduit.

Stand with tank on top

Stainless Steel mesh over the powersand and old aquasoil/mulm

Hardscape placed, starting to fill with water

Planting some HC

Crytocoryne Rosanergiv planted

With more plants

Tank almost filled

Tank getting a diatom treatment

Full tank shot after the about an hour of the diatom filter

Picture of the Nymphaea micrantra

More pictures are posted here with some close ups.

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