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Originally Posted by tizzite View Post
+1 on the moss. I've never seen it that green. Where did you get that java moss? Does it look greener because of the blue light in the fugeray?
Story of my java moss:
January 2012: I got that moss from someone I bought RCS's from. It was a golf-ball sized clump. I stuck it on my driftwood in my 20H low-tech tank. I dosed Excel and dry ferts and bi-weekly water changes for the rest of 2012.
January 2013: Cut some pieces of it out and laid it out on the driftwood at the very beginning of this DSM.
March 2013: Flooded the tank after ~6 weeks of DSM.

So the moss was dry-started with the glosso and HC. First two weeks it kind of spread out a little, but the next two weeks it just took off. It's still taking off now, after being submerged for weeks. I don't have any secrets as to why it's so lush and green. I will have to trim it very soon.

Also, I'm strongly considering just taking out the glosso and HC because they aren't growing and it's a losing battle to try and get them to grow; little by little, I see more small clumps of sad HC at the surface. I'm really leaning towards a spread of Cryptocoryne Parva and Marsilea Hirsuta for the foreground and Anubias Nana/Petite Nana with some rocks to fill up the middle triangular space in front of the wood. I know none of those plants will grow much at all, but that's fine, since it's a low-tech tank anyway.
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