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DIY External Heater (56k!)

Created by: Snazzy

DIY External Heater

Please do not post this anywhere else without my permission!


1. 1- 1½” Elbow
2. 1- 1½” Tee
3. 2- 1½” to ¾” (You can reduce to any size threaded or slip, depending on your application)
4. 1- 1½” to 1” threaded
5. 1- Heyco Product #8437 (Watertight Cordgrip) (Can be order FREE at )
6. 1- 7” Long 1½” Pipe (As long as the heater doesn’t sickout of the pipe when you hook up everything but the elbow at the end)
7. Pipe Cleaner/Primer (Not necessary but recommended)
8. Pipe Glue
9. Teflon Tape
10. Eheim Jager 150W Heater

1. After you obtain the materials and cut the pipe you ready to assemble.

2. Put Pipe Cleaner on all the slip joints, and put Teflon Tape onto all male ended threads.
3. Tighten the threaded joints before you glue, or after the glue is COMPLETELY dried so you don’t weaken joints.
4. After cleaner dries, one joint at a time use the Pipe Glue to attach each fitting.

*Picture not glued, or primed*

5. Attach the heater to the Cordgrip. (Hand tighten ONLY)

Download as .Doc 4meg: External Heater.doc

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