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Nano planted tanks utilize the same principles as standard planted tanks - light, CO2, nutrients. The primary difference is that balance is a bit more difficult to achieve. When plants are growing well, they can deplete the tank of nutrients in very short order. Another problem I've run into is temperature. The thermostatic heaters you tend to find are too large for nano tanks. I've seen temperature fluctuations as far as plus or minus 5 degrees, stressing my fish and ultimately killing a few. I switched to a small 7.5W non-thermostatic heater I actually found at Wal-Mart and the temperature remains a relatively constant 5 degrees above room temperature (which is a relatively constant 69-74 degrees).

Anything else in particular you'd like to know, just ask. I've got some tips for lighting these small tanks (don't I always?) but I'm out of time. I'll check back on Monday.

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