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Hi Tritan,

I'm sorry to hear you had a disappointing experience at our store. If you'd be so kind as to PM the details (which day this was, the employees you dealt with, etc.) of your visit it would be a great help to us to prevent future problems like this. There were two acting managers (myself and Sarah) on the floor today. Yesterday we were all, unfortunately, at the trade show in Chicago. Regardless, it is inexcusable that you weren't given more immediate satisfaction with respect to your concerns about the price.

With respect to our ability to stay in business, we have been around for more than 25 years with a continually growing customer base. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality products and services and a price that is fair and commensurate with the value. From time to time, items end up with prices that are out-of-synch. This can be caused by simple human error, excessive discounting by online vendors, or our efforts lagging to find the best possible deal. I suspect these lights fall into the last category. I will check tomorrow morning, but I suspect we are paying more for them than Big Al's is selling them for. This tells me that we need to find a way to pay less in order to be more competitive. It is true that we have overhead costs that eclipse online vendors' by orders of magnitude, but it is also true that we should not expect you to pay double. Having brought this to our attention, we will certainly make an effort to find a better deal on these items so we can pass it along to our customers. We haven't survived this long nor grown this big by "screwing the consumers", but by using feedback like this a guide.

I can't guarantee the price of these lights will change (hopefully it will). It is more than shipping and sales tax that dictates price. The cost of a 23,000sq. ft. building on a prime street corner, electricity, water, insurance, dozens of emplyees, etc. must all be considered. Sometimes an item will simply cost much more than at an online vendor with minimal overhead costs. In most cases, however, we find a means of delivering the value for a price that is fair.

Sorry again for our failure to satisfy your needs on your trip to Lansing and we hope you'll visit us again to allow us to demonstrate the friendliness, quality, and value that Rick Preuss and his family have made the company famous for.

Feel free to call me at the shop with any concerns or further comments,

Kirby Adams
Preuss Pets
517-339-1762 ex. 3

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