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Originally Posted by Zaku808 View Post
I've been trying to set up a new planted 20G tank for myself with some Hardy fish that are calm but something a little unusual/ different because right now my system crashed after the last island wide power outage and so far my half moon betta and 2 checkered barbs are still alive, so I need ideas for 4new groups of fish(2-4)

The other 20G I am currently working on is for my grandfather. My grandfather and i both share a love for dojo eels So right now I am looking for either import or nice local fish. maybe 6 medium mid-level fish and 2 fish were their max size is perfect for a 20 gallon

Well dojo tend to up lift plants and like to hide in substrate. If I was you I would reconsider dojo as a community fish for a planted tank go with corys.
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