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Originally Posted by fishkeeper01 View Post
So in my quest to find a solution to this problem, i've heard suggestions of testing my water at saltwater shops, has anyone heard of them or what i can get to test my water for phosphates and silicates? Also has anyone had any luck eradicating/controlling them? If so how? Also my tanks are not new, and i would like to find a way other than buying otos or plecs. Please help i'm desperate.
Diatoms aka algae. Can be erraticated. Uv sterilizer, hydrogen peroxide, bleach, and so on. It all depends on which method you want proceed. I have many methods but I don't know your tank setup or what u have In your tank I have several methods to kill all algae. But it's also maintaining your tank and use distiller water or Ro water to do water change
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