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Do!aqua Mini L | Iwagumi "Redemption" | Day 52 small picture update

FTS 6/07/13

Past Scape 5/31/13

Past Scape 5/07/13

Past Scape 4/25/13

Tank: Do!aqua 45x24x30cm (8 Gallon)
Filter: Cascade 500 Canister Filter
Substrate: Amazonia Aqua Soil
Lighting: Finnex Ray II Ultra Slim LED DS - Dual 7000k 18"
CO2: Pressurized 2-3 BPS (Hooked up to a reactor)
Ferts: NPK

I know, that I have much to learn about every new scape, but this time.. I wanted to take my lighting / CO2 to a better level.
Learning about PAR vs WPG, I've decided to change my light system..

I have a Finnex Ray II Ultra Slim LED DS - Dual 7000k 18", coming in my Monday. Mike (TexasCichlid) brought up how i would have about 70+ PAR, so Im planning on hanging it above the aquarium..

Now with CO2, my Gf stepped on my beautiful glass diffuser... but, decided to try out a reactor instead of getting another glass diffuser..

Im very new to this, and my setup isn't the most cleanest look, I would say... >__<

I intend to build a cabinet to cleanly set the tank on, along with hiding all the nasty wiring..

Along with my light will be arriving plants.. Will be getting Blyxa Japnoica to cover back corners, and more S. Repens 049 to make main foreground cover.
Thanks Mike (TexasCichlid).

Anyways, heres the tank as it sits now...

Wll be getting the Co2 adjusted over the next few days..

I hate the bulky look of the stock input / output..Im for sure will be getting some Glass Lily Pipes soon!

Thanks for viewing.


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