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d. i stuck my mesh wall into the substrate but i didn't put any fissidens on the lower inch of the mesh. I do want to remove mine like acitydweller said lol but I figure I should give it a chance to grow out first. right now it looks ugly and unnatural as heck

get whatever color you like just fyi, i started with yellow neos and I thought they are a lot more impressive in pictures than in person. (not talking about professional photoshopped pics, even my own crappy iphone pics) I'm assuming this applies to the blue neos as well but I haven't owned them so no idea. I'll wait until I get a chance to see them in person. I do like my reds though (it looks more like a painted on style instead of an opaque style) but I'm always tempted to cull the males until I think about what happens if I culled all the less red ones and are only left with females lol

what substrate did you end up going with? that could make an impact on what color neo to get
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