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I am going to do the same thing. lol Sorry for tagging along. What plants are you going to do? I was thinkin i might just make a Java Fern farm. Or just Star Grass, i wanted just a farm with out different species. I didn't think about fish, i didn't want any fish, so i was going to use potting soil under my sand. Would that work? I am doing an experiment in there now. I took alot of hair algae and put it in there to see if it would grow good with the sun, and then i added alot of cooking sugar, just to see if they would benifit from it, i wonder if it is good to add sugar to a planted tank, if it ain't got no fish? I guess i will go with a star grass farm, since the java fern don't feed off roots, so the potting soil would be a waste. I have 2 males and 1 female leapord danios in my 55 and they are very pretty! If you get 1 male and 2 females of those you won't be sorry. The felmales turn a siver color, and the males turn a very bright rich gold color! They are pretty!
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