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Originally Posted by zackariah View Post
I'm my opinion it looks unnatural. The seems to make stuff that is not red apear red.
It's similar to a reef tank I think - Corals in nature don't look like that (been diving a few times) and that Actinic blue intense light looks very un-natural - but the result is "Wow - look at that!"

In the freshwater world I can see this light doing the same - It doesn't change the apparent color of your green plants at all, red plants are much richer, fish/shrimp colors are intense.

The light does have a very warm cast, gives a reddish tint to the substrate, wood, etc. That's why I think that Pairing one of these to a Ray 2 would be perfect - the crazy brightness of the Ray2 would swamp out the red cast but the intense colors would remain.
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