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Hi folks, read some of the past threads, first post. I did a freshwater tank a long time ago, and after a few years hiatus I got back into the hobby by starting a couple of nano reefs. Thought to myself, self, if I can do a nano reef I've got to be able to do a nano planted! And here I am.

Current plan is for a 1g AquaScene triangle tank from Wal-Mart, upgraded with a 7w Compact Flourscent mini-bulb from Home Depot. Based on what I've read, this should be enough for low-light plants, is that right?

I'd like to keep it ultra simple. As little equipment as possible. Based on some posts here it looks like many plants do ok unheated, so I can skip the heater. So there remains just one question:

Would White Cloud Mountain Minnows be ok without any filtration besides the plants? Two of them (male/female pair)?

I've no problem spending money on providing the proper environment for the fish to be happy in, I'd just like to get this down to the bare minimums.

TIA for any advice! Glad I'm not the only one crazy enough to do a nano planted. :P

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