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LED DIY Replacement for older Eclipse hood

These Chinese LEDs seem to be working well enough.

I have them turned down to 500mA, and even with the fan I am only running 25 watts total. Moneywort is growing well. Banana plant looks awesome I think. Hornwort growing 1+ inches per day. And I even managed to get a tiny piece of Cambamba that came with my hornwort to take root 20" from the LEDs. It's grown about 1/2" in the last week. I enjoy it when I can take a tiny piece of leaf and grow an entire plant. I hope it keeps growing.

I have 2 x 1 gallon bottles diy yeast reactors pumping 2-3 bubbles/sec. And while i am not EI dosing. I am keeping an eye on parameters and making sure i don't run out of anything. Algae is not out of control but the glass requires weekly wiping with magnet cleaner. Spot algae is not hard like it gets sometimes and comes off really easy.

And the other plants in the picture are growing faster than the tetras can eat them.
If you know what that plant is please let me know. I am trying to determine what kind of light I am getting at the surface.

I am going to turn up the power in a few days and I will update in a few weeks.

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