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MonsterRay on a planted tank! with pics

So I bought a 24" MonsterRay, here are some impressions:

It really does enhance the colors of your fish - and shrimps and red plants! I have pics below of my shrimp tank for comparison, sorry but did not get any pics of my community tank.

Rosy Barbs, Cherry Barbs, Cardinals, just about any colored/shiny fish seem to benefit. Rosy Barbs REALLY showed up strong, the male's color boosted incredibly.

Shrimp too! Held it over my shrimp tank, Painted/fire reds doubled in intensity, same with RCS (pics below)

Red Plants - I don't know about boosting growth, but their color was much more pronounced. (Pics below). Hopefully Lowe will get PAR charts like for the other lines.

Driftwood - Have several Crape Myrtle branches in my 36, under regular light they look nice, generic light brown. Under the MonsterRay they look wild - the grain stands out like heavy grained cherry furniture. I'll bet other grained woods do the same.

For me - If there were a small, short one of these I would add it to the FugeRay on my shrimp tank. Unfortunately the shortest is 24" right now. On my big tank, the colors were wild - my wife even commented that the fish still stood out brightly even when they went into the "jungle" of plants, you could see their color flashing between the leaves constantly. (otherwise there are times my tank looks almost fishless - plants are too dense to see them).

Bottom line - a very cool light, brighter than I though, but I won't be able to use it on my 36 - the intense colors and very warm cast don't fit the mellow earth tones of the rest of the room - just like a reef tank would be totally out of place in my living room. (see the last pic to see what I mean). May end up in the trading room

The hot ticket? I think one of these would boost the colors on a Ray2 like crazy, while the Ray2 would give the growth and the intense white would mellow out the warm cast.
In a perfect world I would ask for a Fugeray with the normal 7k LEDs and one of these 3 color LEDS every 2 inches or so. I think that would be an amazing combo light - growth + color without needing high tech.

Shrimp tank on Fugeray Only:

Same tank holding MonsterRay over tank (with Fugeray). Check out the red plant in front! (Don't know what it is, got it from OVT)

Close up of Fire/Painted cherries and a baby RCS, Fugeray only:

Same close up, holding MonsterRay over tank (with FugeRay)
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