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I was there last year for the first time. Got some angels from them. Price was about the same as Marine Aquarium at that time. Like the owner. Took the time to show me around. He was getting a load of fish in while I was there. I think most, if not all of his stuff is from the larger farms like Segrest, 5D and EkkWill.
I went back in February and they really didn't have anything. Said if I called an order in or ordered online they'd get it in. By the time you figure in your time and gas it's at best a break even situation. BTW All the angels died in a week. All that said next time I am down that way visiting my niece in Riverview I'll probably stop in.

Drew, if what I think to be true is then you're not really supporting a local guy. Segrest, and EkkWill are owned by a Venture Capital company despite all the down home folksy persona they try to keep.
If you shop the sales you can get a better deal. Swordtails are $2.00 each. To get them down to a buck each I would have had to get 100 of them. The red tail sharks are about $2 less than Nolans not sure about MAW's price.

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