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I saw the first one a few days ago I think.

I have big issues with it.

turning aquariums into tables, is a bad idea to me. that glass isn't meant to be near feet for.

That and he doesnt need a kickstarter, he just needs sales.

he'd be better off with a nice website. He'd also be better off with better craftsmanship and finishing too. Especially since he's not using stain grade pine. (and using a soft wood for furniture? looks cheap, is cheap)

I'd be more impressed if the final wood product looked good at least; instead, it looks like he picked out floor molding from lowes. I'd say the end product looks like something you'd find in an 80's era den with fake wood paneling.

The other one is interesting at least.

Too pricey for my tastes, but, i'm sure, the office receptionist would probably love one as well would those super cool graphic designers.
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