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Thank you for the clarification on the dwl.

Also maybe trim the moss a little short to keep some good light.

Lately I have been toying with the light coming up from the bottom of the tank for better light at the substrate.

Using clearish bucket to store excess plants for almost 4 months giving them light from the top and also moving the aquarium light to the floor and shoot the light straight through the bottom. Have duckweed and Salvinia Minima on tops.

Maybe you could decoratively clamp and point a light from the lower area below the shelf it sits on directly UP into the moss or dim area to give it a little love?

Asked for some input from a few people on the submerge-able led lights maybe for below in the aquarium for hard to get to dark "covered" areas. No one seems to have done it. I have lots of Salvinia Minima and it blocks a lot of light! The moss doesn't need much light so even getting a little extra from a nearby light should help.

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