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Oddly enough, New World tried to sell me Chinese algae eaters when I wantd SAE's and I specifically said I was starting a heavily planted tank
I've gotten "false"Algae Eaters from New World that was marked as SAEs,
and none survived. The store credit from Pacific for that expired Test kit got me a few True SAEs that has grown into huge 5 inchers, all three has been in my tank for almost a year now.
I have to go there on those days then because every time I go there, I haven't seen any shrimp at all.
Me too..

Overall, all these stores pay alot for rent(like the rest of us), and they do care for their business. I still do visit most of them all the time, although frequently you'll walk in on a "bad" day, there are definitely good days too.
If we don't support these local pet shops, all we have left will be petcos and petland disounts. Can you imagine?

btw, I work in a music store,not affiliated with any of those LFS mentioned here(although that would get me some nice discounts!!

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