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Originally Posted by GregP View Post
Really love this set up.

The tank and lighting is exactly the same as what I am planning for my first planted set up, and it really gives me inspriation

A few questions if you wouldn't mind helping me out?

I understood the the nag bulb brought out the green of the plants more. Is that correct? Or would you advise the bulb you are using? Was the nag really that blue?
Is the light/ballast noisy at all? Looking for a near silent set up as some mh ballasts can be noisy.

I really like this set up. From the ones I have seen, none have had plants any higher than the rock as most are mimicking a landscape. Only my obs as a noob! But this really works well and makes me want to use a few more plants in my iwagumi and create something slightly denser than the average look.

Great thread and great tank
No problem! The NAG bulb was EXTREMELY blue. I'm sure over time it would have become a little warmer but I really though I got the marine bulb by mistake when I plugged it in the first time. I like the bulb I'm using (NA) but don't have much to compare it to as I did not use the other bulb at all when the tank was full.

The ballast has a slight hum when on but I would not say it's overly loud. With the cabinet doors closed you can barely hear it in a silent room.
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