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It's been over a month since I did an update on this tank, so I figured it was time. Quite a bit has changed since then, including it no longer being low tech. I wouldn't exactly call it high tech either. I changed the two 30" FugeRays out for two single 36" T5HO fixtures. The bulbs they came with are a little yellow for my taste when compared with the leds, but I can't justify buying new bulbs yet when these are brand new. There are also some tannins from the wood so that contributes to the yellow appearance. I plan on getting some purigen for the filter the next time it's cleaned.

I also added co2. I found a good deal on a used Aquatek regulator with a 20 lb tank so I figured why not. I don't have it on very high, only 2-3 bps. Last time I checked the kh/ph chart had it around 20 ppm. The only thing I don't like is that the bps doesn't stay consistent. It seems to gradually speed up over a few days time so I have to keep checking on it. My GLA one on the other hand is like clockwork. I definitely wouldn't mind upgrading in the future if the price was right.

Because of the addition of co2 I also started dosing dry fertilizers. I've been dosing roughly half of what regular EI dosing would be for a tank this size. I use the 60-80 gallon measurements. After about a week of this the plants seem happy. The pennywort is the easiest to tell the difference with since it's such a fast grower. Before the leaves were coming in very pale with dark veins which I know is a deficiency, but I can't think which one offhand. They're now coming in a nice solid green.

I added quite a few plants since the last photos. There is a red tiger lotus, the pennywort, more crypts, and a bunch of sag (not sure what kind, it was about 10-12" or so when I got it, but I trimmed back most of the original leaves since the tips turned brown after planting). Also took out the riccia rocks. Just didn't like how they looked.


Left side:


Right side:

  • Add some vals and/or stems in the open areas along the back.
  • Possibly add a carpet in the front. Maybe glosso?
  • Still need to change out that white spray bar.
  • Try to get the pennywort to climb on the wood.
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