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just get adult discus, make sure u get them from a good reliable source that sells healthy one..thats the key. u can feed adults 1-3 times a day. if u have some bomb ass filtration u dont need to do waterchange often. when i kept my discus i would do waterchange once every 7-10 days. but thats cuz i feed my discus a lot haha. discus are easy. just make sure u get healthy ones to start with and ur already a big step ahead. depending on the temp u want them in. certain plants are limited. but healthy discus do NOT need that high temp. 80-82 is perfect in my opinion. if its gonna be planted. its wise to get adults and not juvies. and whats so hard about waterchange. just use a hose to suck out water...and turn the hose back on and let the water back in. waterchange takes only a few mins of my time. while the rest is just chilling and waiting for it to fill the tank
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