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Hey Guys, a little update on what I have been doing. I decided to go a different direction with my project. After putting together the touchscreen with several different shields and probes and what have you, I struggled to figure out how I wanted to enclose all of it. I didn't what to just leave the the stack of shields sitting next to my tank, and frankly I didn't need all the control that Jarduino and Stillo offered. What I really wanted was something simple to monitor what is going on with my tank. So after looking around for a while, I found Adafruit's Menta. It is an Arduino controller in a mint tin. Very cool. Then I found their 128x32 OLED display. Perfect. So I snatched one up, picked up a DS1307 RTC (Real time clock) circuit from Mouser, and began work on what I like to call my Wicked Tiny Monitor (I'm from New England, we say wicked). Here's what I have so far:

Now I just need to solder all the components into the prototyping area of the Menta. You can't see this in the picture, but there are two waterproof DS18B20 temperature probes. I am going to cut a hole into the back of the tin for their cables, and another for the pH probe cables. The red stamp on the breadboard is an Atlas Scientific pH stamp. Really cool little gadget for only $28. Now i just need a functional pH probe. The one I ordered from e bay for $15 bucks arrived completely dry and useless. The probe connector and probe stamp will likely be placed in a separate breadboard to minimize interference.

The tiny OLED display will fit perfectly in a hole cut between "Curiously Strong Mints" and "Wintergreen" on the lid of the tin. There will also be a button on either the side of the tin or on the top, next to the screen; I haven't decided yet. I am leaning more towards the side, because I would like to leave the lid as uncluttered as possible. I am also not sure how I am going to mount the OLED display. There are holes on each corner of the display board, and I would prefer not having to drill holes into the tin to hold it. Any ideas?

It's been a fun little project so far, and I think it will be neat sitting next to my tank. It will likely be a fun conversation piece for guests.
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