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Originally Posted by dkreef View Post
I have 265 gal tank. Plan to keep cardinals. Rimmynose. And maybe 10-15 discus.
It will be heavily planted. 200plus pieces in day 1. But i hate doing water changes. More once a month (maybe once every 2 weeks) wc guy. Thats my concern.
With that many Discus you will need to water change as advised above.

Discus are slimy.
Among other features

P.S - For water changes a decent water pump (with a reasonable head rating for your setup), a mixing/reservoir bin (if you are using RO/DI/or otherwise prepared water) large enough for your water changes and some long 1/2" or 3/4" tubing (long enough to reach a drain and reach from the water change bin to the tank) - all help with semi-automating the water change process for larger tanks.

Simply gravity drain or pump the water out of the tank, and refill (pump) from your water change reservoir.
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