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On the other hand some discus are pigs to the trough. Two taps on the hood cause mine to break out into a glorious rendition of Food, Glorious Food! from the musical Oliver.

Discus are like that. Different.

My own Discus community tank includes the typical small Amazon tropicals (Neons, Cory cats, Octos, Bleeding Hearts, Serpas, etc.). Restricting other territorially aggressive Amazon cichlids from these types of tanks seem to be the norm. Ditto large Amazon cats. African/Far East species are mostly out because the ideal water conditions for most are vastly different than the soft water loving discus. Basically choose community fish that like the same water conditions (PH, KH, GH, Temp, etc.) and that won't pester the discus.

Be aware that Discus love small fish. They love to eat 'em. Fatten those neons up before you introduce them and have plenty of plants so hiding is easier for the smaller fish.

Your frequent water changes that discus thrive under will be most appreciated by the rest of the tank community.

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