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Originally Posted by KingOfTheFeeshes View Post
Are you sure you didn't mishear your superintendent? 45 ppm just sounds a bit outrageous...
I agree with Noahma, you should look for an imbalance of fertilization before you worry about nitrates in the water.
You may also want to wait on the anacharis and hornwort for a bit. They can often sensitive to chemicals such as the glutaraldehyde in Flourish Excel, among other things - and I know that anacharis doesn't do well with salt. I wouldn't be surprised if it was just the peroxide, but it could be from any number of other reasons, such as temperature or fluctuations in water parameters.. Who knows?
Keeping them out of the situation might save you a bit of trouble while you find out what the problem is. Just a suggestion.
Hope you get it sorted out!
Thanks, King! Yes, I'm absolutely sure I didn't mishear what he said. We had a fairly long conversation. He agreed that the level was high. I had actually taken a sample to my lfs to double check, and while I was gone to the lfs this super left a message on my phone telling me that my API readings were correct and 45 ppm.

It is very likely my ferts are not right. I have not dosed as I should. I just use Flourish Comp sometimes and API root tabs.

The high tap nitrate is still a concern, though, as Diana said. I'd like to fully understand that. It has caused a problem. I can't see how I can eliminate the algae problem as long as I have high nitrates.

Oh, I haven't used excel or salt, so that is not why the hornwort or anacharis did not thrive. I'm trying not to use any extra potions in my tank unless I think it's necessary.

This is getting too confusing for me. I hope you guys are not confused!
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