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Originally Posted by Diana View Post
45 ppm is not OK.

EPA sets a maximum allowable level of 10 ppm. This is an enforceable level, so do not accept the idea that 45 ppm is OK. The water company is not allowed to have that level in their finished product.
I'm kind of surprised that nobody else in my small town is bothered by this. From what I understood, the "enforceable" rule means that they must do something....that thing has been to test the water more frequently. Nothing more. I recall the superintendent telling me that they are looking for better wells. Maybe that's all they have to do is prove they are attempting to improve?

Okay, I will call the county health dept. I went to the EPA site a few months ago, forwarded my concern in their question section, but got no reply.

I mean, I think it's a keepers think it's a problem....but my town super didn't. When I asked him what 45 ppm of nitrates would do to a 5 lb. cat, he said he "didn't know."

Either the EPA's regs are over-the-top or their governance is way lax. I just don't know.

For future resource, I will post my findings.
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