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So the bamboo charcoal I got from the Container Store was a dud. Had it in for a week and it didn't do anything. I got activated filter carbon and it cleared up the water significantly overnight, so stick to what's out there! I pulled out a lot of clumps of algae, and am seeing slow rebounding by the HC and glosso. Been dosing Excel every day, and dry ferts and Flourish on alternating days. I'm seeing some early signs of algae on the glass, but I'll be away from work all of next week (so no ferts or dosing). Curious to see what condition the plants are in after I get back on the 15th.

Up to this point, I have been taking pics with my cell phone. These photos below are now with my experimenting with my Canon PowerShot SD1000 from 2008. Was able to get some cool and interesting shots. Enjoy!

One of the cooler pics I took.

Foreboding side view with that moss...

That moss looks very intimidating!

So this is inside my AC20: activated carbon on left, Purigen on right. Plus you can see my heater covertly placed behind the driftwood on the lower left corner.

Cool view of the moss from the side.

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