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Originally Posted by Noahma View Post
it usually overwhelms at first, but once the stuff sinks in it becomes easy peasy.

People with plenty of Nitrates in the water also dose K2S04 as either a usual macro or in a water buffer with each weekly water change.

Which plants do you have?
Thanks for all you help. I have the long thread algae, staghorn, and the type that is a green, fuzzy carpet.

For plants, I have
one small wisteria
naja grass
ludwigia repens
rotal rotundifolia
two swords (1 amazon and not sure of other one)
three anubias
3 small sagittaria in one bunch
3 bunches of cabomba (fanwort kind)
3 bunches of corkscrew vals
1 large moss ball
3 crypts that got overcome by algae and are now small
Echinodorus Ozelot Red
1 4-inch grass-like plant unidentified
a bit of duckweed
couple of sprigs of hornwort

The light is 17 inches from substrate.
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