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Been a while since I have updated the journal since being at school. In the meantime, I have added 2 breeder boxes onto the tank. One has red rili/cherry of different grades and the other has some OEBT.

Unfortunately, one of the OEBT jumped out but I have 4 or 5 left. 1 of them is blonde, the other are blue.

With regards to the tank, the orange neos have been breeding like crazy. The tank is swarming with little shrimplets. I haven't found a berried mother yet though so hopefully it hasn't all stopped. My normal tigers have met unfortunate ends Only 2 are left now, both healthy but I think both might be female as well. We will see what happens with them. I am on the lookout for more tigers at the moment, but not wanting them to breed with my OEBT.

The most recent addition to the tank are amanos which are doing a spectacular job keep the tank clean. I moved over the moss tree and have resorted to purely sponge filters, no more canister. Still deciding if I am gonna use that or sell it with the inline heater that I built.

Just 1 picture of my shrimps eating More hopefully soon

In the meanwhile, the crystals, I have moved to another 2 gallon which I will be starting a tank journal for soon Be on the lookout!
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