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This will go into my 45 gallon tank, which has been sitting in the dining area for two months awaiting me getting all of the other stuff needed ready. The tank is a Jebo Odyssea with about 16-18 inches front to back, and about 20 inches tall.

Tom, my Home Depot doesn't have viewtainers, and if I ordered a Rio powerhead on line the shipping would have brought the price above $20. My LFS adds shipping costs to their prices, so the Rios there are more costly than the Catalina ones. I already had the CO2 tubing, and odds and ends of plastic, but had to buy 4 different elbows to get one that would work ok - those aren't that cheap at the hardware store. Plus, the aquarium sealant was $6 at the LFS. So, yes it did cost me about $30. But, I admit it could have been done cheaper.
I have been posting here about my 45 gallon tank for two months now, and it isn't set up yet, so I can't show it in action yet. That will come! I now have my continuous water change system pretty well installed, and am only waiting for a new filter sponge to be ready to start the switch over.

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