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Originally Posted by soundtweakers View Post
I've purchased expired GH/KH test kit(didn't check at the store)from Pacific on Delancy, and I phone them back right away in the bus on my way home, they gave me no hassle and told me to keep the test kit and go back anytime to use my store credit. So a couple of weeks later I went back for three true Siamese Algae Eaters, and these three SAEs are my first ones to live more than a year in my tank(from juvs to 4 inches adults).

I've also picked up a tiny clump of trimmings(pearl weeds) on the their sidewalk while they were cleaning their planted display tank(a really nice one, too!). They siphon the water out of that tank and to the sidewalk in front of their store. I still can't find pearl weed for sale anywhere, and aparently I don't need to find them anymore, my little garbage picking is growing into a nice thicket.

Needless to say, I love Pacific Aquarium on Delancy.

Few stores down from Win's Tropical(Mott St.), there is this other Chinese place specialize in flowerhorns and discus and other cichlids. If you are looking for discus in NYC(and if you can speak Chinese), this is the place to go. Sorry I don't have their name, but they are on the corner of Mott St. and Kenmare(I think).
Pacific had definitely won my favor after my first bad experience. He flat out told me that his nephew was helping out one day and gave my husband the wrong info, because he doesn't know squat about fish...nice huh? Anyway They have since been a great resource. I get Amanos for about 2.50 each and they have a decent selection of plants. I did get 2 corys from them that failed to thrive and died by day 3 after 1.5 hour acclimation and great conditions, but all in all they are good.
Wins on Mott is great for shrimp. You have to go there on Sunday or Monday though or they are all gone. They also have funny names for their shrimp like green chinese algae shrimp and blue tiger shrimp. All of which don't exist, but you can get some good
Oddly enough, New World tried to sell me Chinese algae eaters when I wantd SAE's and I specifically said I was starting a heavily planted tank. They also told me not to cycle my tank with any fish for the first 6 weeks, despite the fact that I was heavily planted. I ended up getting 6 purple danios on aquabid to cycle my tank and that was in April. They are still flourishing and happy.

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