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I'm tossing a few ideas around in my head. I will be using new Amazonia, sloping from back to front with a relatively thick substrate layer. H4N's shrimp substrate pack is coming which will be layered underneath.
For my scape, I'm thinking of a mind blowing Manzy piece, that is long horizontally, maybe 12-14". I think it would be really cool if it extended up out of the tank as well, using the glass dividers as top panels to support the branches that extend above.
I also LOVE Ohko stone, and am considering using it in this tank along with the driftwood or alone depending on which direction my vision takes me. I still have to do some more research on it's effects on water chemistry for my shrimps.
I don't think I'll be planting anything into the substrate, utilizing only moss and plants that don't require rooting in the substrate. Probably Flame moss attached to the Manzy, and I think it would be a neat theme to try and source alot of mini mosses for this tank, as it is a "mini" tank. So, mini Xmas, mini fissidens, maybe mini pelia, etc.
Still trying to settle on a light, I want LED, but I want red spectrum. I've pretty much told myself the new FugeRay-R is too short and won't light the length of the tank effectively. So the search continues...
It will probably be a few months before this tank really starts to come together. I have to cycle it for a bit, then source all my other bits and pieces.
I'm excited to watch the new development with the tanks you've been working on MABJ.

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