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Originally Posted by johnson18 View Post
Nice set up man! I like the layout! I'm going with a C. Parva foreground in my 20L PFR tank, if I can find the stuff...Ive been shopping for it at least 3 weeks now. Any plans to de-rim the tank? I've been reading about derimming an already running tank, not sure I want to do it yet. Although I've got another 20L sitting around that will get derimmed prior to being set up.

I totally understand second thoughts on the higher grade shrimp. I just lost a bunch of PFRs due to water quality problems. Switching from tap to RO water now. Definitely not in a rush anymore to setup the next shrimp tank.

Well good luck! I'm gonna go ahead and subscribe.
thanks man. Yeah parva is hard to come buy. I luckly had a good buddy hook me up with about 12, and they are doing great.

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