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Sorry no updates on any of my stuff the internet has been down for a month and i havent be able to go on at all....sorry.....

Update(kinda) Nothing has changed except for the equipment. I bought the Ehiem pro 2 2026 for the tank, im hopeing that its enough filtration. And i also bought a co2 tank. The only other things i have to get are all the misc. stuff.

But i have a couple of questions about the lighting, its going to be DIY. I know what i need but not exactly. I know i need end caps, ballasts, fans, reflectors and bulbs. But what i dont know is what brand are the best or if i should put fluoresent or PC. O and the tank is 24inches tall and i dont know what the best lighting would be to get to the bottom of the tank.....any help is awesome.....Thanks

O yeah, everything i do when i set up the tank will be documented by pictures so everyone can follow...

Each side of the canopy top is 31 1/4 inch....(shown below).....that is where i plan to mount the lighting.

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