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Originally Posted by hydrophyte View Post
Wow that looks great! Nice job planting that stuff.

How does the aluminum plant look? If you see very much wilting from it you can make a temporary cover for the tank with saran wrap while those cuttings grow new roots. Aluminum plant roots pretty fast.
Thanks, and thanks for everything else too! That was a ton of plants.

The aluminum is a little wilted but not too bad. I'll try the saran wrap though, I hadn't thought of that.

Originally Posted by crazydaz View Post
Looks really, really nice!! I think that if you can find a nice background plant to hide some of the planters, it will be a wonderful looking set up. Always nice to see a fellow ripariumist!

I would suggest some root tabs and some Hygrophila Kompact? It would get nice and full without getting ridiculously tall and would not require constant pruning, unlike it's brothers and sisters in the Hygro "family" of plants. If you are looking for some contrast, a few stems of an Alternanthera species would also look great, and would grow emmersed from the aquarium helping things blend in well.

Really, though you have a ton of potential options though, as you probably well know. For root tabs, I have to recommend Devin's line of GroSoil.
Thanks for the suggestions. I actually have some hygro kompact, but it always gets little pinholes and loses its lower leaves. I don't know if it's some kind of deficiency or not enough light or what. I'll try it again though and see if the combination of root tabs and the dry fertilizers I just got helps. Devin sent me some of his root tabs for the potted plants, but for in the tank I have some osmocote and root medic ones I want to use up before I get any more.

Originally Posted by GreenBliss View Post
That is so pretty and so is your Betta.

What is the pipe holding your lights?
Thank you. The pipe is electrical conduit. I got two straight pieces and four 90 degree bends with connectors to make the shape. I've seen people make the same kind of thing with one piece and a pipe bender, but I took the easy way out. Haha.
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