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Another trim

11 days later and it's time for another trim + WC. Algae check does not uncover much of anything and I leave the tank's glass alone for now.

I am slowly moving towards a more open scape, but I am still concerned about the tank's stability and the comfort of the inhabitants. The trim:

The result:

Most of the grow-out Hygro will be pulled tonight as they have been promised to another TPT member. I will probably plant the area they currently occupy with some HC I have floating in another tank.

The over-grown Blyxa was pulled and replaced with tiny versions in the front right corner.

Both the Red Tiger Lotus and the Banana plant are starting to take off. I got to keep both of them in scale:

Hey! Who is eating my plants!!! Started moving snails out:

Ludwigia is not doing too badly after the last trim:

Blyxa is not looking too shabby either:

The Cory Bar: food? where where where? C'mon man, another beer:

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