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Fun! I forgot to subscribe to my own thread and look at what I found! I just have to get in on this debate we don't want to have, so, realizing now the science does not know the mechanism, here's my two cents worth: There's no point in our theorizing beyond satisfying our own nagging inner voices since we are not the ones who are going to discover the truth as to the mechanism, but I for one am most satisfied by the antibody analogy (I too have nagging voices which demand answers where there are none). Healthy things fight off parasites one way or another. Also, yes Hoppy, it is magick until we understand the mechanism at which point it will become science. Good enough for me. I am tempted to enter into discussing the alleopathy theory but easily grow tired of trying to reason out maybes. A brief statement is all I can usually muster, so here's one just for laughs: maybe healthy plants give off positive electromagnetic happy vibes (auras) which make the grumpy algae feel like they cant hang. I'm actually not joking. HaH!

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