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Hi, my name is Linda and I live in Sonora, CA. I'm a newbie to planted tanks and also to keeping angel fish.

You are braver than me just starting out and dealing with CO2.

I like the back right plant that has jagged edges and also the 4th pic. of the maroon plant. They are delicate and pretty.

I think the 4 plants that are planted in the front middle will get to large to be in the front.

I've heard that you can put some larger stones than your gravel around the base of your plants to keep the fish from pulling them up. You can give it a try.

I'm soooo sorry to hear about your loss of fishies. It must be devastating. I read on this forum one guy did the same thing twice, and he said he knew what he was doing so it does happen. Maybe you could start again with just several fish at first. Please don't be discouraged. Us newbies have to start somewhere and we won't do anything that hasn't been done before.

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