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Originally Posted by somewhatshocked View Post
Before I sold my Ebi, I used a 2213 with no issues. Since the tank has a bit more height than a standard cube, the 2213 helped with flow toward the bottom of the tank. 2232 is about the same. Used it on the Ebi before moving it to my 12gal. 2213 is now on the 10gal in my signature.

Since the 2213 is just a few bucks more expensive than the 2211, that's what I would go with. You can pack the filter with media and use the quick disconnects to meter flow a bit if necessary. It'll also allow you to use the filter on a larger tank if you ever decide to go that route. Another plus to the 2213: inflow and outflow hoses are the same size, which is more convenient when buying replacements or getting clear tubing. 2211 uses a smaller outflow than the intake.

Thanks man. 2213 it is. Adjustable flow rate with an inline heater and co2 diffuser should slow it down if need be(I'm sure the need will be).
Can you tell me how long the tubing is?

And on a sidenote: do you think a lily pipe would be too much?
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